The MBA@Denver curriculum allows you to complete an optional concentration before you graduate. These specialized courses help you deepen your understanding in a specific subject area and demonstrate proficiency for future employers. You will learn from expert faculty who have real-world experience in these areas and can help you build the tangible skills you need to advance your current career, re-enter the job market or make a career change.

Adding a Concentration to Your Degree

Each concentration will consist of four four-credit courses. If you wish to pursue a concentration, these courses can be included in your 60-course degree program at no extra cost. Request more information today to learn how to build a curriculum that works best for you.

What Concentrations Do We Offer?


You will learn how to best reach your target market in a way that resonates. A foundation in marketing is key for generating revenue for a firm.

More about our Marketing Concentration

The finance concentration provides you with valuation tools and investment knowledge to allow a deeper understanding of how corporations interact with the capital markets.

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