As an MBA@Denver student, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor the program’s curriculum to address your career goals and interests. We offer four optional concentrations designed to deepen your expertise in a specific business discipline of your choice, as well as the flexibility to pursue a customized concentration through courses outside of the Daniels College of Business.

Each concentration consists of four 4-credit courses. These courses can be included in your 60-credit degree program at no additional cost or time-to-degree completion.

No matter which concentration you add to your degree, you’ll learn from expert faculty with real-world experience in your focus area and build tangible skills to advance your current career, re-enter the job market or make a career change.

Explore these concentration options below.



With a concentration in marketing, you’ll expand your understanding of the value of a well-honed marketing strategy and gain the tools to bring it to life in the modern-day digital landscape.

You’ll discover how to make data-driven marketing decisions; track and adapt to consumer behavior trends; learn marketing elements that include campaign development, user acquisition, digital advertising and retention strategies; and communicate the value of marketing to clients and the rest of your organization.

Course Spotlight:

Integrated Marketing Communication

The digital revolution has disrupted traditional marketing communications. In this course, you’ll learn why an integrated marketing communication strategy is critical to the success of any business and how to better understand the current ecosystem of digital tools and promotional strategies.   

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Executive Healthcare Administration


An online MBA with a concentration in executive healthcare administration will prepare you to become an effective business leader who can drive innovation, connect people to the care they need and facilitate organizational change.

You’ll gain an understanding of the healthcare business ecosystem, learn to address healthcare organizational management challenges, tackle emerging real-world industry issues and develop strategies to merge healthcare employee well-being with organizational success.

Course Spotlight:

Healthcare in the U.S.: Systems and Populations

The organizational structure of U.S. healthcare is growing increasingly complex. This course examines the dynamic interplay among the major institutions of higher education, government, suppliers, insurers and payers—and how they affect the broad spectrum of healthcare services, including preventive, primary, acute and chronic care.

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Every successful organization has a team of experts to help guide its financial decision-making. With this concentration, you’ll gain the insights, industry perspective and practical knowledge to generate sound financial decisions and effectively communicate them to your organization.

You’ll prepare to apply critical thinking and advanced theory to conduct financial analysis, use financial data to support your analysis, and recognize ethical dilemmas—and respond appropriately.

Course Spotlight:

Financial Planning and Analysis

This course integrates financial decision-making tools, techniques and theory to help you better understand and analyze corporate finance activities. Specific topics covered include the cost of capital and capital structure, financial planning, business valuation, and an introduction to corporate mergers and acquisitions or IPOs.

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Executive Leadership


With a concentration in executive leadership, you’ll take your business leadership experience further through the refinement of a personal development plan and the practice of new leadership skills.

You’ll gain an understanding of great leadership and how it evolves, learn the neuroscience behind leadership and team performance, develop the skills to build and maintain highly effective business relationships, and prepare to lead others to high levels of personal and organizational performance.

Course Spotlight:

The Head and Heart of Leadership: Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence

This course explores the latest research in the fields of neuroscience and emotional intelligence and the application of that research in leading and managing change. You’ll develop highly relevant leadership skills, strategies and tactics to lead successfully.

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Customized Concentrations


At the Daniels College of Business, we believe the most successful students lean in and co-create their experience. We recognize that our MBA@Denver students have a wide range of interests—which is why we give you the opportunity to design a concentration based on your unique professional goals.

You’ll work closely with your academic advisor to identify an area of focus and narrow down a list of courses that align with your career goals and aspirations and fulfill your degree requirements. Those courses will then be integrated into your course plan, and a personalized schedule will be created for you.

Examples of customized concentrations that MBA@Denver students have pursued include:

  • Human resource management
  • Nonprofit management
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Real estate finance
  • Supply chain management
  • Organizational leadership
  • Project Management
  • International Security


Are You Local to Denver?

If you live near the University of Denver, you’re invited to explore—and pursue—concentrations that are only offered on campus at the Daniels College of Business, including accounting, business analytics, and real estate and the built environment.

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