An Online MBA Specializing in Marketing

As technology evolves and our world becomes more interconnected, consumers gain greater access to brands and organizations.
As a result, it’s more important than ever that a business shapes and maintains a positive brand identity
to expand its customer base and meet the bottom line.

Each of our marketing concentration courses will deepen your knowledge of marketing strategy and help you translate it into
today’s modern-day digital landscape.

Upon completion of the concentration, you will be able to:

Make data-driven marketing decisions

Identify marketing issues and develop effective strategy for solving them

Track current consumer behavior trends and adapt to them

Communicate the value of marketing to clients and the rest of your organization

Marketing Concentration Courses

Our online MBA’s marketing concentration allows you to choose course options that will tailor your education to your career goals and expertise. In this concentration, you will complete four 4-credit marketing courses toward the end of the MBA program for a total of 60 credits.

Courses are:

MKTG 4810: Integrated Marketing Communication

Learn to develop and execute communications strategies for any organization—large, small, public or private. Better understand the current ecosystem of digital tools and promotional strategies that hinge upon data-driven decision-making.

MKTG 4580: Insights to Innovation

Explore the collaborative processes that drive value creation and innovation. Learn to utilize a design-thinking approach and work with different types of data sources in developing innovative solutions and designing consumption experiences.

MKTG 4380: Supply Chain Management

Study the supply chain strategies of some of the most successful manufacturers (e.g., Apple and Samsung) and retailers (e.g., Walmart and Amazon). Cultivate the baseline knowledge and skill set you need to succeed in the various functions of supply chain management at a managerial level of an organization.

MKTG 4675: Marketing for Social Impact

Build upon your understanding of design thinking and learn to think strategically about value creation as it relates to profit and impact. Study the latest trends of values-driven marketing, conscious capitalism and psychology as they relate to marketing for social impact.

MKTG 4820: Brand Management

Study the underlying principles and theories from brand authorities and apply them to real-world client challenges. Practice creating goal-driven brand strategies, harnessing tactics to build and amplify brands, and fostering brand experiences, conversations and relationships.

How Will You Connect With Your Consumers?

Take the first step toward building key marketing strategy skills with the University of Denver’s online MBA program.

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Your Marketing Professors

Our marketing concentration is led by professors dedicated to furthering your personal and professional development. 

Our faculty brings a wide range of experience to the classroom—including doctorates in marketing, positions at top digital marketing agencies nationwide and research projects that are highly cited by a variety of scholarly journals.

Meet your professors:

Michael Myers

Associate Teaching Professor
Integrated Marketing Communication

Myers has been in the digital marketing industry for more than 18 years—and has been an industry consultant for well over a decade. Prior to consulting, he worked with digital marketing agencies including Blue Moon Digital, FreshCurrent and SpireMedia, creating value for clients such as Intuit, Tory Burch and Sony.

Myers is a Daniels College of Business alumnus and has been teaching digital marketing at Daniels for nearly a decade.

Melissa Akaka

Associate Professor
Insight to Innovation

Akaka is the co-director of the Consumer Insights and Business Innovation Center (CiBiC) at the Daniels College of Business and teaches topics such as marketing research, introduction to marketing, customer experience design and collaborative innovation.

Her research investigates the co-creation of value in consumer cultures and consumption experiences as well as collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship in dynamic service ecosystems. Akaka holds a PhD from the University of Hawaii.

Jack Buffington

Assistant Professor
Supply Chain Management

Buffington’s research focuses on the development of the 21-st century supply chain system.

He is responsible for warehousing and brewery fulfillment for MillerCoors, the second-largest beer manufacturer in the United States. This includes developing and implementing a distribution strategy for its U.S. market.

Buffington brings a professional background that spans leadership positions in the supply chain, manufacturing and finance fields across the consulting and consumer products sectors. He holds a PhD from Lulea University of Technology in Lulea, Sweden.

Heather McDougall

Founder and Executive Director
Leadership Exchange, Marketing for Social Impact

McDougall is an experienced executive director with more than 19 years of international education experience.

She has created and led leadership and social entrepreneurial programs nationally and abroad and holds a PhD from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Lora Louise Broady

Adjunct Professor
Brand Management

Broady has been active in academia since 2008, developing and teaching graduate-level courses in both the online and on-campus formats.

Currently, she teaches brand management and digital marketing. Broady comes from a strategy consulting background, having assisted companies in the cable, telecom and financial services industries with bringing new products to market.

She serves as an academic strategist for Pearson Education, supporting the digital transformation of learning in higher education.

Career Outlook for Marketing Professionals

Organizations will always need marketing and communications professionals to advance their message—and as technology continues to evolve and the number of digital communications techniques grow, these roles become increasingly crucial.


average starting salary for MBA graduates in the class of 20211


projected job growth for marketing managers by 20292


of marketers will increase their marketing spend in 20213

A few marketing career paths include 4 :

Marketing Strategist

Develop a cohesive and profitable marketing strategy for a company—including designing digital marketing campaigns and performing market research.

Market Research Analyst

Research and gather data on consumer demographics, preferences, needs and buying habits to help a company market its products or services. Evaluate data using statistical techniques and software.

Digital Marketing Manager

Develop, implement and manage marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products and/or services. Enhance brand awareness within the digital space and drive website traffic to acquire new customers.

Brand Manager

Adapt a brand strategy for a company’s target market. As the “brand guardian,” maintain brand integrity across all company marketing initiatives and communications, and sometimes manage a portfolio of products.

Vice President (VP) of Marketing

Develop and implement a cohesive marketing plan to increase brand awareness. Set current and long-term goals for internal teams. Design and review the marketing department’s budget.

Specific marketing professions include:

Chief Marketing Officer

VP Marketing

Senior Marketing Manager

Brand Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing Communications Manager

Creative Director

Public Relations Manager

Director of Supply Chain Management

Director of Procurement

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The University of Denver Department of Marketing

The marketing department at University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business prides itself on its intimate class sizes, faculty that has real-world industry and agency experience and a curriculum that emphasizes digital skills so that you are prepared for success in a variety of today’s marketing roles.

You will graduate with a rich network of connections inside and outside of the city of Denver.

What’s Next?

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