Ayesha Jahan Bibha


Affiliate Professor

Ayesha Jahan Bibha is a strategic thinker and obsessed with igniting insightful thinking. She can foresee the “big impact” and knows how to plan the small steps toward it. In her speaking, writing or advising, her number one intention is to direct people’s perspectives toward future, as many are stuck in the past or present—and, thus, confused. 

Ayesha was born in Bangladesh and moved to Australia in 2015. In less than three years, she moved her profile from a local to the global platform. Among 75 international speakers at the Global Speakers Summit in 2018, she was one of just three Asian speakers—and the first ever speaker from Bangladesh. She was also the only speaker from Bangladesh at the Philippine International Leadership Symposium in 2018.

Ayesha has spoken at TEDx about her work, which focuses on how the mind copes in the face of adversity. She is also currently writing her first book on this topic.

With 14 years of work in teaching, training and L&D consulting, Ayesha has facilitated teachings, trainings and consulting work with over 4,000 highly-diversified participants from all six continents. In her work, her passion stems from three things: eliminating confusion and overthinking and replacing these sentiments with a solution-focused mindset; removing exhaustion and defeat and replacing them with a sense of ownership; and encouraging people to live better.