Kirk Roberts


Affiliate Professor

I have been fortunate to have several different careers working for the same family-owned, privately held company – it’s been an honor, really. From sales management and P&L responsibility, developing strategic objectives and plans to accomplish those objectives, and creating vision for the future and growing people to execute our vision, I have been privileged to grow as Bona has. I have good management skills/experience but have learned my value is in leadership.

My title now is SVP of Strategic Development, but my most important role is to support all areas in the company as our vision and strategy evolves in the future. Whether it is the markets, or other functional areas, developing strategy and growing people to accomplish those strategies requires teamwork. And as part of group management that is where our commitment is for the future. We work together as a team to establish the goals and objectives under the vision, but maybe most importantly then allow them the freedom and authority (of course with the corresponding responsibility) to put strategies/plans in place to accomplish them.

The ultimate aim of a strategic development professional is to improve an organization’s profitability by generating new prospects. These can be in the form of strategic partnerships, joint ventures or acquisitions, along with initiatives targeting potential segment(s) of the market, or a shift in the company’s overall business operations. In identifying new business opportunities, part of my role is to collect and compare pertinent data on the target market, from which recommendations and proposals can be drawn.

My role is also responsible for developing the market strategies in non-subsidiary markets. Along with the SVP’s for both EMEA/APAC and NAM/LAM, I am responsible for developing and implementing business strategies focused on profit and loss, product assortments, marketing support, and process improvements within the specified Regions. I am also privileged to support the rest of our executive management team, including sales, marketing, project management, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, sourcing, production, research and development, and central warehouse departments to ensure effective processes and quality products are the end result. This position is a key contact for local sales and marketing shareholders, suppliers, and internal management personnel, and will utilize a combination of education and experience to improve and maintain excellent sales functionality within Bona to achieve the established company growth goals.