Malcolm Carr


Affiliate Professor

Malcolm Carr is a Commercial Executive, with over 30 years of expertise and international experience in Industrial chemicals, minerals and mining – having visited and conducted business in over 45 countries worldwide, focused on the markets of Building Materials, Glass, Specialty Chemicals and Agriculture. He is originally from the United Kingdom and moved to Colorado in 2011 to lead the Americas Sales and Supply Chain team for Rio Tinto Minerals (RTM). RTM is part of the Energy and Minerals division of multinational mining company Rio Tinto PLC and most recently he held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, leading a global team of 130 people across sales, marketing, research and development, supply chain and product stewardship. After 29 years, he left RTM in 2019 and currently conducts industrial minerals consultancy specializing in sales, marketing, supply chain and procurement strategies and projects, including business restructuring and transformation.