Marco Bonilla


Affiliate Professor

Marco Bonilla is a Continuous Improvement & Process Innovation Consultant (a problem solver, trainer, and mentor); a Six Sigma practitioner with new product development and  operational excellence focus. He provides advice and guidance to companies looking to stay  competitive by lowering production costs, improving process flow, increasing throughput, and  producing a higher quality product/service.  

Marco also shares his experience and knowledge with MBA students as an affiliate professor  at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, teaching in their online MBA@Denver  program. He has over ten years of online instructor experience, including the University of  Denver, Northeastern University, and George Washington University, in statistics, new product  development, and marketing. 

Before consulting and parallel to teaching, Marco worked as a New Product Development  Engineer and a Continuous Improvement Engineer for over 22 years at a high-tech firm in the  semiconductor industry. 

Marco has also held many positions, including Chair, as a board member for non-profit and  for-profit businesses. 

Marco holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Northeastern University (NU). He has a Six Sigma Certification from Tyco International and is a former  Corporal in the United States Marine Corps.