Alexandre Spoerri

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I am a 35-year-old married Swiss citizen who has been living in Denver for three years by way of London, Dublin and Shanghai.

Why did you decide to pursue your master’s?

To become the best person I can be. I wanted to broaden my horizons, acquire new skills, share experiences, learn from a group of bright minds, further enhance my career opportunities, become a leader and fulfill my potential.

How has what you’ve learned in the program impacted the work you are currently doing? How will it prepare you to be a leader in your industry?

I am juggling different tasks, and I am therefore more structured and organized. I have a well-structured approach on how to more effectively communicate with different stakeholders and a better understanding of current events (economics), which allows me to engage in more sophisticated conversations with different stakeholders (customers, executive board, prospects, colleagues, friends).

What advice do you have for others considering this degree?

Really think of why you want to earn an MBA and break it down. Once this is done, you will realize that this program has something for everybody.

What was it like meeting and connecting with your classmates in person at your first immersion?

This is an integral part of an MBA program. It was good to meet fellow students who were in a different class and also exchange ideas, work and collaborate under pressure, and be able to support each other.

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